Recombinant antibody production

Recombinant antibody production service

Icosagen offers a broad range of tailored services for the development and production of recombinant antibodies, including complex antibody formats.

Our customers benefit from our cost effective QMCF Expression Technology that is based on the replication, and stable maintenance of the expression vectors in CHO cells, in conjunction with specifically optimized culture conditions for the recombinant antibody production.

We can start either from antibody (or VH/VL) sequence information, hybridoma cells, or cDNA, and we deliver high quality material (purity >98%, endotoxin levels  <0,1 EU/mg) together with elaborated project report containing detailed QC data and analysis.

Recombinant antibody production services includes the possibility to change antibody subtype or host specificity, and to generate various types of antibodies, such as human IgG1, IgG2, IgG4, mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, rat IgG1, IgG2a, rabbit IgG, chicken IgY, chimeric antibodies, antibody fragments, single chain molecules, bispecific antibodies (bi- scFV-Fc, DVD-Ig, Crossmabs), etc.

There are two options for recombinant antibody production by using QMCF Technology:

  1. Enhanced transient production of recombinant antibodies is used to deliver up to hundreds of milligrams of purified antibody within 3-4 weeks starting from vector cloning.
  2. Stable episomal production is used to scale up the production volumes up to 40 liters cost effectively, and to deliver multiple gram quantities of purified antibody. In this case, also episomal production cell bank can be generated, which allows to omit transfection completely when repetitive and constant supply of the same antibody is required with consistent reproducibility.

Transient production includes:

  • cDNA optimization and cloning into transient pQMCF expression vector
  • Chemical transfection of the QMCF/CHOEBNALT85 cell line and expression control 48 hours after transfection
  • Optional culture expansion (up to 2.5 fold) and recombinant antibody production
  • Harvesting and purification
  • Product analysis and characterization
  • Weekly updates, and detailed reports

Stable production, including selection and cell bank generation:
  • cDNA optimization and cloning into pQMCF expression vector
  • Electroporation of the QMCF/CHOEBNALT85 cell line and expression control 48 hours after transfection
  • G418 selection and generation of production cell bank (stable episomal pool)
  • Culture expansion to the final production volume and recombinant antibody production 
  • Harvesting and purification
  • Product analysis and characterization 
  • Weekly updates, and detailed reports

Each project will be tailored according to the customer's needs; Work-flow below describes the most common options available under the recombinant antibody production service.