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Dear Customer!

Please find below our Customer Survey. We ask your feedback to help us improve our activities in the area of CUSTOM PROTEIN AND ANTIBODY PRODUCTION SERVICES. 
Please return the completed survey latest on Wednesday, 26 November evening.  The survey should take only a few minutes to complete online. 

Thank you for your time and for the collaboration!
The Icosagen Team

1. How PROFESSIONAL is our company?
2. Please rank the QUALITY of our services:
3. Please rank the SPEED (timeframe) of our services:
4. Please judge the QUALITY/PRICE ratio of our services:
5. Compared to competitors, is the QUALITY of our services better, worse or about the same?
6. Compared to competitors, are our PRICES higher, lower or about the same?
7. Please rank our customer and technical SUPPORT:
8. Please rank the information in the PROJECT REPORTS:
12. Do you plan to use our services in 2015?
14. Would you recommend our company to a colleague?